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Gear Operated Straight Drop

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Product Description

Gear Operated Straight Drop Blind is another method of winding up large blinds without visible ropes & pulleys, and is wound up and down with a crank handle. Fabric is rolled around a top tube with a fitted gear box then wound up using a crank handle.

The bottom rail is finished off with a sleek pocket to hide the bottom rail,  or a powdercoated rail as an optional extra.

This design is preferable for wide awnings and the method of operation makes it suitable for the elderly, being easier to wind the blind up and down.

Gear Operated Blind with Channel Guide has been successfully used up to 6m in width with certain fabrics. This type of blind has been used to enclose carports, verandahs and patios and is locked down with stainless steel pins and then tensioned via the gearbox. Motorised Channel Guide Blinds have been used to divide rooms, e.g. Home theatre areas or rumpus rooms.

Stainless Steel Wire Guides can also be added where the blind is lowered from top to bottom, being guided by stainless wires and fittings running vertically on either side of the blind. A head box is optional.

Motorised Drop Blinds are operated by remote control and can have a sun and wind sensor attached so they are completely automated. When the sun is shining on the area the blinds will roll down, and if there is enough wind (sensor is adjustable) the blinds will retract up fully.

This type of awning is also suitable when the walkway space beside a house or unit is narrow, eliminating the need for projecting arms.

Fabric … Available in Draylon, Canvas, Vinyl or Mesh, all with a 5 year guarantee against UV breakdown, or PVC Clear or Tint.

The most common cause for repairs is high winds and storms.
Always roll up awnings in high winds and storms.

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