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PVC Awnings

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Product Description

MAXIMISE OUTDOOR LIVING AREAS all year round using PVC Blinds.  By enclosing verandahs and patios with Clear or Tint PVC Blinds, outdoor areas can be used for entertaining in all seasons.

PVC Blinds are a great protection against the cold, wind and rain and they can protect outdoor furniture as well.

Suggested blind types are Captive System, BCS Track, Rope & Pulley or Gear Operated.

Rope & Pulley … Fixed at the top by aluminium sail track.  This drop blind can be manually rolled up and down using the rope and pulley; the rope loops around a bottom bar on the left and right of the blind and is then attached to a pulley on one side.  Zips can also be added to these blinds to stop any movement down the sides and to create a ‘snug room’ effect.

BCS Track Awnings … With a wider channel/track, still with the gear operation system.  These awnings are wonderful for keeping the weather out whilst keeping your view.  Suitable for PVC and can be motorized.

Captive Awnings are 100% weatherproof and the perfect way of enclosing your patio.  Can be gear operated, spring loaded or motorised.

All our PVC Blinds are fully welded with a high frequency welder, eliminating stitching deterioration and needle holes.  All joins will be vertical to cater for expansion and contraction.  Horizontal joins can be requested, but without warranty.

  • Easislip PLUS  Japanese Calendared PVC especially formulated for Australia’s harsh climate
  • UV stabilized commercial zips on all rope and pulley awnings.
  • PVC Blinds have, as standard, coloured borders adding style and strength to the blinds.


Always roll up awnings in high winds and storms.



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