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Product Description

Robust is a strong drop arm awning suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. Offering a wide range of projections, widths and a choice of control options, Robust is designed for an attractive appearance with easy fabrication and installation.

Heavy-duty drop arms and roller tube allow widths of up to 7m and make Robust ideal for larger windows.  Adjustable springs on the arms ensure outstanding fabric tension and a stylish hood adds to the appearance, while protecting the fabric and roller tube from the wind and rain. End-users can choose to operate the awning internally or externally with the standard crank or optional motorisation.

Using a minimum of components and tools, Robust is quick and easy to assemble and install. In addition, special drop arms and side rails can even convert the product into a balcony awning. A choice of brackets make installation straightforward onto the wall or window architrave. Once installed, Robust’s strong design and materials ensure a long lifetime of reliable operation.

A Colorbond hood protects the fabric and roller tube from the weather.

External operation with a crank handle or internal operation with motor and remote.

The most common cause for repairs is high winds and storms.
Always roll up awnings in high winds and storms.


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