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Folding Arm Awning

Product Details

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Product Description

Folding Arm Awnings extend your outdoor living area.  This awning is mounted directly onto your wall or under the eave; special brackets have been designed to accommodate this mounting. A weather box is an optional extra.

The awning can be extended or retracted by either a manual crank drive, or motorised – either way the awning can be fully extended or only partially extended.  Wind and sun sensors are also available.

Variable Pitch Arms are an optional extra which allows greater adjustment in both vertical and horizontal pitch. Care must be taken when winding the variable pitch arms.

Fabric …  The preferred fabric is Draylon, but Canvas, Vinyl or Mesh can be also used. (Please ask for advice.)

The most common cause for repairs is high winds and storms.
Always roll up awnings in high winds and storms.

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